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Information about your treatment

At the initial consultation you will be asked various questions about your general health, as well as your current symptoms. Your lifestyle, diet, and your medical and family health history may also be investigated. Diagnosis will include feeling your pulses on both wrists and looking at the state of your tongue for signs which might indicate patterns of disharmony. There may also be a brief physical examination, if applicable to the nature of the complaint. This process takes approximately 90 minutes. Subsequent visits usually last one hour. In most cases needles remain in place for about 25 minutes. Initially treatments are weekly, depending on the nature of the problem. Sometimes people have dramatic effects from two or three treatments and others with more chronic conditions may need treatment spread over a number of months. As improvements in health are experienced, treatments can be spaced out further to fortnightly or monthly sessions, if required. Other beneficial techniques are sometimes incorporated into treatment. For certain conditions, moxa, a smouldering herb known as mugwort, may be used to warm acupuncture points. This is extremely relaxing. Cupping is a traditional therapy which can be used to relieve muscular tension. Electro- acupuncture is a gentle form of stimulation that is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, particularly for pain relief and recovery from injury. Chinese theraputic massage may also be a useful part of your treatment.

Is it Safe?

Individually packaged and pre-sterilised disposable stainless steel needles are used in treatment. They are never re-used.

Is it Painful?

Needles are so fine that any sensation should be minimal. At the point that the tip of the needle reaches the Qi, below the surface of the skin, a dull ache or mild tingling is often felt. This is a good response.
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